We are happy to provide transfer services for guns purchased from other dealers or private parties from other states that require a Federal Firearm licensee to handle the transfer. Our rates are a standard $25 for all transfers. However if you are willing to participate in our price match program you may be eligible for a free transfer.

Here’s how it works:
Once you decide what gun you want to buy and you’ve done your shopping (and you’ve no doubt found a great deal online) you can either contact us to set up a transfer for $25 or you can choose to participate in our price match program. For a new gun if we can match the price that you’ve found then you agree to purchase the gun through Lincoln Armory instead of your initial source. The price for new guns must be from an established dealer and an everyday price. If we can’t match the price then you can purchase from the original source and we will handle the transfer for free.

Limited editions, used firearms, promotional or limited time sales and purchases from a party other than a licensed gun dealer do not apply.