Terms and Conditions

Before you Buy, Please:

  • Read all terms and conditions.
  • Verify that you are able to own the item.
  • Coordinate with a local FFL (if necessary) to confirm that you can receive item.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions prior to purchasing items.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards as well as cashier’s check or money order. We may accept personal checks from local banks on a  case by case basis.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Purchasing an item is considered acceptance of the terms and conditions in full. It is the buyers responsibility to read the terms and conditions. Failure to properly review the terms and conditions does not exempt the buyer from anything contain herein or from their responsibility as purchaser.


Shipping is a flat rate of $25 per handgun and $45 per long gun to the contiguous US. Shipping outside the contiguous 48 states can incur additional fees or shipping times.

Firearms will only be shipped to approved and verified FFLs. Buyer must make arrangements with local FFL prior to purchasing. Items returned due to improper transfer arrangements or refused packages will be charged for shipping fees and a restocking fee.

We typically ship all orders on Mondays or Thursdays although this may sometimes vary. If payment or necessary documents are not received promptly after purchase it could delay the time that the item can be shipped.


New items are not eligible for returns. Defects or problems with these products will be covered under manufacturer warranty and should be handled with the manufacturer directly. In some cases (when possible) we will assist with the manufacturer on buyer’s behalf.

Used items are only eligible for return when product differs from description. We make every effort to be as accurate as possible in item descriptions, but in the event of a mistake the buyer will not be charged return shipping or a restocking fee. The item must be inspected and return requested prior to local FFL transfer into buyer possession. Once firearms is transferred to buyer the sale is final.

Buyer/Gun Requirements

Buyer is responsible for ensuring ability to receive firearm prior to bidding on or purchasing item.

Buyer is responsible for ensuring that item is legal for their location. Seller will not ship items to states with restrictions on those items. Buyer is responsible for verification of legality of all items in their jurisdictions prior to purchasing.

Buyer agrees to pay all fees incurred in instance of any return seller is not responsible for.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on all orders picked up locally or shipped to a NC buyer.

Listing Details

We make every effort to ensure that all listing are as accurate and detailed as possible. If you see a problem with or have a question about a listing please email us at sales@lincolnarmory.com and we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

For most new items stock photos are used in listing. New items will not differ from stock photos except in a rare case of manufacturer, distributor, or seller error. Any instance such as this not corrected prior to shipping we will fix at no expense to the buyer. Photos for used items are as detailed as possible and any issues with item will be shown as clearly as possible in photos. If you have any questions or clarifications about photos of used items please contact us and we will provide whatever information we can as soon as possible.

Gift Cards, Coupons and Vouchers

Gift cards, coupons and vouchers may only be redeemed for merchandise and have no other cash value. These can be redeemed at the time of checkout for in-person or online purchases.

Coupons or vouchers are non-transferrable. The billing email when the coupon or voucher is used must match the original email.

Purchased gift cards are valid for one year from time of purchase. Promotional gift cards are valid for six months from time of purchase or as otherwise detailed in the promotional offering. Coupons and vouchers are valid for 90 days unless otherwise noted on the coupon or voucher.


Return shipping costs, restocking fee of 30% or $100, whichever is greater, and any additional listing or sales fees will be assessed on return items unless explicitly waived by seller in writing. Returns due to error by Lincoln Armory will not be subject to fees.

For prepaid items fees will be deducted from refunds. Unpaid fees will be subject to a monthly finance charge of 3.5%. Unpaid fees after six (6) months may be sent to collections and subject to additional costs and fees. Buyer agrees to be responsible for all fees.


Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Lincoln Armory and all employees or agents harmless for (1) any actions taken in the normal course of business including, but not limited to, sales, special orders, shipping, or defense of their business; (2) all actions taken or claims made by third parties whether arising out of these terms and conditions or from course of business; (3) for all attorney’s fees and other costs and expenses paid or incurred by Lincoln Armory or any of their employees or agents in the enforcement of these terms and conditions.


If any provision of this waiver is deemed illegal or unable to be upheld in a court of law the invalidity of that provision will not affect any of the remaining provisions and these terms and conditions will be construed as if said portion is not contained herein.


Neither the failure or delay by Lincoln Armory (including employees or agents) to exercise, or partial exercise of, any right under these terms and conditions with operate as a waiver of such right, nor shall it amend these terms and conditions. All waivers must be signed by the waiving party.