How fast will I receive my firearm after purchasing?

This will depend on several factors such as whether the gun is in stock and whether or not customer chooses local pickup or has the item shipped. Shipped items have a few more steps and generally take a bit longer to receive.


How fast do you ship?

We try to ship Mondays and Thursdays every week, but in many cases we will ship any other day that we have an order ready. Shipping will depend on information provided by the customer and, in the case of firearms, coordination with your local FFL.


What are my shipping options?

We use USPS Priority Mail as our standard shipping method. We will ship via other carriers at customer request, but this may result in additional fees. In the case of firearms we only ship to FFLs and for accessories we will only ship to the billing address associated with your form of payment.


What if an item is showing as out of stock?

Our inventory is constantly changing and an item that is out of stock today may be arriving tomorrow, or it may take a few weeks to obtain. Contact us for more information.


Can I still order items that are out of stock?

We allow backorders. We cannot guarantee the lead time of items on backorder since that is often out of our hands. If you prefer to contact us first to ensure if and when we will have another item we are happy to assist and get whatever you like on order. If you purchase through the website an item that is labeled as backorder, then we will assume that you accept the wait time and we will inform you when your item arrives.


What if a gun isn’t listed on your site?

Email us and we will get it! We typically only list guns that are regular sellers or are some of our favorites for one reason or another, but we are more than happy to oblige any special order. We may even choose to start stocking it if we like your taste!


What if I’m not sure what gun I want?

We are happy to help. We don’t typically stock as many guns as a large retail gun store, so our ability to put guns in your hand to see how they feel may be limited, but we are happy to provide any advice we can. If we have something in stock that you are interested in we are happy to make an appointment so you can see how it feels.


What if I purchased from you from somewhere other than your website?

We sell in as many outlets as we can, so it’s entirely possible that you purchased through us from somewhere such as GunBroker, GunsAmerica, or other. If you purchased through a marketplace such as these we prefer as much communication as possible through that marketplace and we absolutely require initial communications be made through the site where you purchased.


You have the gun I want, but not the caliber I want. How can I order?

Contact us to let us know what you want. Some calibers are harder to find or aren’t as popular as others so we may not have all the options in stock. Just let us know what you want and we will do whatever we can to get it for you.


Do you accept returns on new firearms?

We do not accept returns on new firearms except in the most extreme circumstances and these circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. When you purchase a used firearm from us it becomes a used firearm, even if it is never fired. Returns allowed in these circumstances will result in a 30% restocking fee to offset the devaluation of our merchandise.


But what if my gun is defective?

If your new firearm is defective for any reason, then a warranty claim will need to be made directly with the manufacturer. We are willing to assist in this in any way possible, but the manufacturer and your local FFL should be able to sort out the entire problem.

We do visually inspect all new merchandise to ensure that we do not ship a customer a product that is obviously flawed.


Do you accept returns on used firearms?

We will accept returns on used firearms if they differ substantially from photos or description provided. Most used firearms are untested and sold as-is and so we cannot guarantee the operation of untested firearms. We do visual inspections on used guns as well.


How long do I have to make a return if it is accepted?

Returns are only allowed up until the gun is transferred into your possession. We advise that all firearms are inspected at your local transfer FFL prior to accepting. If you are unsatisfied contact us immediately and we will do what we can to make it right. Once the gun is transferred to you there are no more returns.


Isn’t your return policy a little limiting?

It is, but it can’t be helped. When purchasing a new firearm, the only real reason for return is a customer changing their mind. It is extremely costly to us to accept returns due to buyer’s remorse since we would essentially be purchasing new firearms only to be able to sell them as used. For used guns we may sometimes make a mistake with a listing, but if the item is represented honestly and accurately then we can’t accept returns because someone changed their mind.


I guess I should check with my spouse then first, huh?

We highly recommend checking with your spouse prior to all firearm purchases unless you can keep it a secret from them indefinitely. We also do not recommend secrets between spouses.


Can I drop by anytime to check out what you have in stock?

We require appointments to make sure that we have someone available onsite for you to look at our stock. This is also helpful so that you can find out what we have in stock first and you can decide if it’s even worth a trip.


Can you special order a firearm that I can try before I purchase?

We do not allow firing prior to purchase. Typically, a special order will require payment in advance, but if it’s a popular model that we stock at times we may be willing to get one in stock without a prior commitment to purchase. Contact us to find out.


I tried to call and couldn’t get in touch with anyone, what gives?

Sometimes we may be away from the phone helping another customer, out to grab a bite to eat, or taking a quick restroom break. Email is typically the best way to get in touch (no one is a winner in the game of phone tag). We monitor emails and respond as soon as possible. Otherwise just leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What if you didn’t answer my question?

Contact us and we will do our best to fill in the blanks!